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Cafe Scheherazade in the Herald Sun

Revisiting the sweet taste of notable cafe
By Simon Plant
15 August 2011

CONVERSATION, not music, was the lifeblood of St Kilda’s Cafe Scheherezade.










Musician Ernie Gruner remembers walking past this legendary restaurant on Acland St, a haven for Jewish migrants, and hearing “a cacophony of sound. People talking, arguing, debating”.

Sadly, Scheherazade is no more. Owners Avram and Masha Zeleznikov closed the doors in 2008, but people are still talking about the place . . . not to mention the play that immortalised it.

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The Burlesque Hour Loves Melbourne reviewed in Theatre Notes

The Burlesque Hour Loves Melbourne was written by Alison Croggon and published on Theatre Notes on Friday 8 July. Please see in its full context here.

Right now, just after the winter solstice, Ms TN is struggling. The skies have been grey for too long, the news has been bleak for too long, and human beings have been stupid and destructive for too long. Nary a light gleams at the end of the tunnel, and actually doing things – like, say, getting out of bed – seems impossible and futile. Yes, I know despair is a sin – I suspect I am on my way to discovering why – but the fear of God’s wrath is little use to an atheist.













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Burlesque Hour Loves Melbourne review and interview with Beat Magazine

Interview and review by Christina Amphlett for Beat Magazine, see it in it’s full context here.










Forget those tired old burlesque dancers swooning on stage, all dolled up in sequins and feathers galore. The Burlesque Hour brings a far more surreal experience to the table, startling and exciting audiences through a rather whacky method of seduction. Feathers and all.

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Burlesque Hour Loves Melbourne reviewed on Theatre People

The Burlesque Hour Loves Melbourne was reviewed by Louise Parsons for Theatre People, please see it in it’s full contect here.

After being seen by more than 50,000 people in over 8 countries The Burlesque Hour returns to Melbourne the city in which it premiered back in 2005.

bur•lesque(noun) -An artistic composition, especially literary or dramatic, that, for the sake of laughter, vulgarizes lofty material or treats ordinary material with mock dignity.







Arising from a fifteen year partnership performance artist and writer Moira Finucane and theatre creator and director Jackie Smith are internationally renowned for their arresting mix of provocation and entertainment in performance works that both cherish and challenge their audiences. They create intimate theatrical spectacles that mimic old style entertainment genres and turn them into unforgettable visions of liberation, humanity, power and desire.

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The Age interview with Moira Finucane

Flourishing on the fring
By Michael Lallo for The Age.
Published on 17 June 2011
Moira Finucane bills her latest burlesque show as a love letter to Melbourne writes Michael Lallo, see it in it’s original contect here.











HAVING being told her show would never attract more than a ”fringe” audience, Moira Finucane opted to take bookings through her home phone. ”We thought, ‘We’ll just see how it goes’,” she says of the 2004 debut of The Burlesque Hour, now seen by more than 60,000 people internationally, ”and the phone rang every minute. It was just crazy.’

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Weaving Art and Change opening reception

Weaving Art and Change is a not-for-profit project that believes in the ability of art and creativity to inspire awareness and social development. The opening reception, with remarks by Antonia Syme, Director of the Australian Tapestry Workshop,  was a  celebration…

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JKB Fletcher views

JKB Fletcher's current exhibition brings together hyper-realistic painting and reworked fashion magazine adverts to question the values of our contemporary 'superheroes'.  

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Café Scheherazade reviewed on Curtain Call

This review of Café Scheherazade was written by Andrew Fuhrmann on March 11 for Curtain Call. See it in its original context here.

This is a joy. It is a vast-hearted, gleeful riot of story, music, dance, wonderment and cake. It is a cosy transport from soulless metropolis to vibrant cosmopolis. It is an immersion into the twinned arts of memory and narration. It is a close encounter with profoundly mythical characters, survivors from another world, at once real and familiar to the present, but also fantastical, impossible in their courage.

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Cafe Scheherazade in The Jewish News

Cafe Scheherazade featured in the Jewish News on the 1 March. See it in its original context here.

Scheherazade takes center stage

By Danny Gocs
Tuesday 1 March 2011

CAFE Scheherazade, the iconic St Kilda eatery that was an integral part of Acland Street for half-a-century, is about to get a new lease of life on the stage.

Therese Radic has written a play, Cafe Scheherazade, based on Arnold Zable’s acclaimed 2001 novel of the same name, incorporating a story of survival and courage as seen through the restaurant’s history.

It will premiere on March 8 at fortyfivedownstairs in Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

The play is set around the popular cafe operated by Avram and Masha Zeleznikow from 1958 until 2008. In its early days it became a favourite meeting place for Jewish migrants who had settled in Melbourne after World War II.

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Prodigal: Interview with The Age

Midsumma hosts return of the Prodigal sons
By Michael Dwyer
January 18, 2011

The award-winning home-grown musical is back 11 years after its debut, writes Michael Dwyer. Please see full article here.

DEAN Bryant gets the coffee. Mathew Frank’s eyes roam over the heavily postered wall of the Balaclava cafe. ”Look at all the musicals,” he says. ”Where did they all come from?”

The answer is mostly from overseas, on a wave of commercial revivalism whipped up by Wicked, Chicago, Jersey Boys et al. But if there’s a note of home-grown satisfaction in the Melbourne stage composer’s tone, it’s deserved.

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New content on our website

I have just added some extra content to our website, in a continued effort to make things easier and more transparent for our hirers.  You can now download our logos directly from our 'logos' page,  in both .jpeg and .eps…

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Now accepting proposals for 2011

We have just added our proposals forms for 2011 to both the gallery and theatre pages of our website.  Which means of course we are now accepting exhibition and theatre proposals for next year. Bear in mind when putting in…

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Welcome to our news page. We'll be using this page to tell you more about our shows and exhibitions, to post photographs, and also to link to some of our favourite sites. We'll post some news soon, in the meantime…

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