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Stage Whispers review of Taxihi

Stage Whispers
Patricia Di Risio

This is a gripping performance that will have your toes tapping and pull at your heartstrings all at the same time. Helen Yotis Patterson has written a truly exceptional piece of theatre and found true kindred spirits in her co-performers, Maria Mercedes and Artemis Ioannides.

These three stunning women of Greek heritage belt out traditional Greek folk songs with incredible energy and emotional power. Their vocal talent is breathtaking and they tell stories of migration with an open heart, reminding us of the tragedies that tear people from their homelands, and why it is so important to retain our humanity in the face of the current global refugee crisis.

The musical aspect of this production alone is outstanding but it is also framed by a beautifully designed set with extremely evocative projections and lighting that use simple yet highly dramatic effects. The stories are woven from Patterson’s imagination, personal experiences, family history and the voices of many migrants who are only too eager to tell their intriguing tales.

The musical accompaniment features the bouzouki played by Jacob Papadopoulos and piano by Andrew Patterson. The overall effect is truly astonishing and easily transports the audience to places both near and far. The play is not afraid to venture into dark spaces but it is mainly a magnificent and joyous celebration of an important chapter in Australian migrant history.


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