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Entering the Subconscious: The COVID Works

Entering the Subconscious is a series of ink paintings that began at the beginning of COVID-19 in March 2020 and continued during the ongoing lockdowns in Melbourne in the intervening months. These works in sequence chart a journey as time in lockdown progressed.
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Wilderness: A Natural Response

Renowned contemporary watercolourist Terry Swann’s Wilderness: A Natural Response, is a unique perspective of the contrasting landscapes of remote Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
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Unfolding introduces elements of dimension, light and shadow into pastel drawings through precise folding and embossing of parts of the paper.
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Liza McCosh, Liminal 5, watercolour on synthetic paper, 300 x 300mm


The series of work in LIMINAL derives from Liza McCosh’s direct engagement with the natural environment.
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