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Bird Call

The works in Bird Call reflect humanity’s social conscience regarding the natural environment, and the impact we collectively impose on the ecosystem and the self through ignorance and greed.
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Imperishables: Sculptures and Paintings

The artist combines metal and stone forms, suggesting the frailty of human existence, or powerful monolithic shapes, tarnished by the patina of time, in an effort to indicate “visibly or invisibly” fragments of human existence.
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Through the ceramic medium, this exhibition explores the concept of ‘Seasons’ in relation to individual life experiences and the shifts that seasonality and change presents.
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Join Janno’s Corona Girl Project!

We're so looking forward to Janno McLaughlin's upcoming exhibition Making Nonsense at fortyfivedownstairs later this year (dates to be announced soon!). Janno has been incredibly busy on many projects these last few months, including this exhibition, with Rose Lang as…

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Between Horizons

A collection of new and delightfully peculiar small sculptures. They are fantastical watercraft, knotted, woven, and welded together with materials gathered on the artist's travels around Gippsland.
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Complex Life

Two friends and artists use their artistic processes to explore their positions in the world, both in a physical, environmental and emotional manner.
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HICSA Bunyip


TOO-ROO-DUN has brought together Victorian Aboriginal communities to create an immersive and imagined exhibition celebrating the Bunyip.
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Bird as totem

An exhibition of sculpture, drawing and prints commenting on issues affecting our lives, war, the environment and the higher being.
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Anna Taylor, The Andes, Peru – Save me series (detail), 2016, 230 x 510mm. Photographer: Christopher Sanders

Save me

An exhibition exploring the minutiae of landscape replicated in the aerial view, documenting the exquisite mirroring of detail, pattern and line. Both a celebration of our earth and it’s incredible beauty, and a call to action to save it.
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45at45 Design by Zac Fay

45 at 45

An exhibition of 45 artists at fortyfivedownstairs to celebrate our fifteenth birthday!
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Rhonda Baum, Mind, white conte and ink, 300gsm on cotton rag paper, 300mm x 200mm


Convenire is an exhibition of sculpture, photography and works on paper by three renowned Melbourne artists.
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Pietro Capogreco, What do I know (detail) 2015, 240 x100.5cm


Pietro Capogreco and Augustine Dall'Ava come together at fortyfivedownstairs to exhibit a series of drawings and sculptures in their exhibition Configurations.
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