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A Home Among the Plum Trees

Parental and institutional erasures of diasporic heritage, and its replacement with the values of Australian middle-class suburbia and professional status, were critically examined through this multimodal approach.
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Off the Well Worn Path

Observing the relationship of the human condition, time, family and place Off the Well-Worn Path seeks to connect the past and present through inheritance and regeneration.
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Venus Virgin Tomarz

The audacious and electrifying conceptual photography of Robert Earp focuses on the ‘surreal realness’ of transgendering with Venus Virgin Tomarz – Named after Earp’s ‘divalicious’ collaborator and muse.
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Road Works

Mike Reed's 'Road Works' exhibition dabbles in the gravel and raises his sights from quirky street photography to an artful view of “Road Photography”.
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Sneak preview: Mike Reed

3000 Streets is the photographic trace of Mike Reed’s near and far wanderings in the worlds’ arteries with the odd servings of meatier bites than others but always a lean towards the unusual and quirky. The exhibition was due to…

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Water Bending Off A Rock

This series of photographs represents the endless flow of the water cycle and how water continues on a path, always adapting to its surrounds on its endeavours.
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Sex of Nature

A photographic series exploring areas of wilderness in Tasmania and Nepal. The stark and isolated landscapes invoke feelings of loneliness and awe, and the notion that the natural environment is harsh and unforgiving.
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A photographic manipulation experiment representing the culmination of countless hours of exploration, both literal and artistic.
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The Last Days of Summer

Peter Hyatt combines sublime photographic imagery and digital art to create a richly invented tableaux. Familiar yet dreamlike, his work captures the collision of people, places and nature, frequently as disparate forces.
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Rowan Chanen, A Dangerous Smile

A Dangerous Smile

A Dangerous Smile not only documents a life that has been lived for centuries, but also reflects upon the very modern point at which the pursuit of inner peace intersects with the pursuit of politics.
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Keren Dobia, The Fashion Designer


A photographic portrait series of Australian creatives, exploring and depicting the diverse nature of those in the creative industry in a cinematic and stylised form.
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Virtually Embedded in the Landscape

Virtually Embedded In The Landscape authenticates a father’s and daughter’s connection with the picturesque Australian landscape of South Australia, Flinders Ranges and the romantic mobility of the British icon four-wheel drive vehicle, the Land Rover.
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Hands All Over 2

Hands All Over

An exhibition of photography commenting on how convenience, industrialisation and modern materials are impacting the natural world.
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Mark Chew

Nili Kotoka

Nili Kotoka is an attempt to understand how despite the most desperate circumstances, community is fundamental, music permeates all aspects of life and above all, education is cherished.
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45at45 Design by Zac Fay

45 at 45

An exhibition of 45 artists at fortyfivedownstairs to celebrate our fifteenth birthday!
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Rhonda Baum, Mind, white conte and ink, 300gsm on cotton rag paper, 300mm x 200mm


Convenire is an exhibition of sculpture, photography and works on paper by three renowned Melbourne artists.
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Away From Home

Away From Home is a series of photographs that explore the dualities that surround the idea of home: between presence & absence, permanence & impermanence and belonging & displacement.
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Frank Ockenfels

Pop Up Exhibition

Renowned Sydney photographic gallery, Black Eye Gallery comes to fortyfivedownstairs for an exciting pop up exhibition.
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FLAIR Melbourne

A new Melbourne art event showcasing a series of curated exhibitions, talks and experiences at the top end of Flinders Lane.
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Steve Greenaway, Paris 01, photographic print on Hahnemule Torchon paper, 1030mm x 1250mm

A City Unpolarised

Shot over a two-year period in cities including London, Sydney, Paris and Auckland, A City Unpolarised overlays urban streetscapes with fashion shopfronts.
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Lisa Minogue, Ayah, 2015, digital photographic print

The Coloured Girls

The Coloured Girls presents high-fashion styled portraits accompanied by a response from each participant to the question, what do the words Coloured Girl mean to you?
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Narelle Cridland, 2015, Arnhem Land Landscape with Termite Hills


The eucalyptus tree becomes a self-portrait and a barrier as Narelle Cridland explores cultural identity, influences and boundaries.
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Finissage to A Dingo Fence and Mallee Roots

The closing of A Dingo Fence and Mallee Roots: Victorian Farming on the Fringe was a great success last Saturday. Kristin Deimer's artist talk and accompanying performance by Helen Davey made a fabulous 'Finissage' which is apparently all the rage…

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Rebekah Stuart

Rebekah Stuart’s new work examines how fragments of the landscape and portraiture can be reconstructed to create pathways to new, imagined lands. She explores an alternative aesthetic to the Romantic and traditional landscape in which distortions of scale disorientate the…

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Shannon McGrath has been honing her skills over the last decade in the commercial world of architectural photography. In this series of large format photographic archival digital prints, McGrath references two of Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry’s major buildings in Spain…

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Jo Daniell

An exhibition of colour photographs of the artist’s Antarctic experience extending the artist’s archive of work which includes image galleries from Australia, Africa, Asia, the Himalayas and Sahara. Image: Jo Daniell, 3 December 2010 0810 hrs, 2011, digital print, archival…

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Trevor Mein

'When we think of an archetypal cloud, we think cumulus: the picture book clouds. The word ‘cumulus’ comes from the Latin for ‘heap’ or ‘pile’, and like a cloud slowly accumulating droplet by droplet, this collection of images is the…

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Midsumma opens at fortyfivedownstairs

We hosted a vibrant and busy opening for the three Midsumma exhibitions in the galleries last night. In the small gallery we have a solo exhibition, Photo Prodigious, by Anthony L’Huillier.  The large gallery combines paintings of female film stars…

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