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Crawling Through the Dust of Life

With densely textured surfaces creating movement and space, the work is suspended somewhere between the metaphysical and material. While referring to the natural world the images ultimately evoke otherworldliness and suggest an internal process of revelation.
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A series of conceptually abstract paintings based on the physicality of movement of his performance artist subjects, including acrobats and professional dancers.
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Once was Paradise

A series of oil paintings highlighting the artist's passion for the natural environment and horror at seeing the ongoing effects of climate change.
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Since You’ve Been Gone

A series of oil paintings that are based on locations around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, focusing on old homes, gardens and trees. It won't always be like this.
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John Mezzini, Sofa (detail)

E lascia dir le genti

E lascia dir le genti, captures fragments of social interaction. The moment when inhibitions are dropped, and subjects are exposed in their most raw and vulnerable state, where we are confronted by the beauty of the immediate.
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An exhibition of oil paintings exploring the palpable anger in response to current economic uncertainty, environmental degradation, diminishing resources and inequality.
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