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CUOROSENSA: A Reverse Archaeology

In Cuorosensa, the artist’s bold, energetic and confident mark-making coheres into recognisable Luccio-esque themes — we see his Eiffel Tower, his Trojan Horse, his meditations on the myths and figures of classical antiquity — but closer inspection reveals a canvas of interlocking postcards with tantalising glimpses of the messages they once conveyed.
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Manhattan Dreaming

A new collection of paintings and drypoints capturing Manhattan's lines, angles, moods and movement, with a spontaneity bordering on instinct.
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Marco Luccio, New York Mythic 1, 2016, Charcoal on Velin Arches paper, 75 x 106cm


New York Mythic sees Marco Luccio return to his favourite subject matter—the city of New York—from a new, aerial perspective.
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