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Transcending Spaces

This exhibition will showcase trans artists from all mediums and challenge gendered spaces, whilst acknowledging the vital role of community in making us feel loved and safe.
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Stitching Change

Stitching Change is a new and exciting exhibition highlighting the abundance of textile artists in Victoria and showcasing the progressive art form of textiles including work that explores the relationship between textiles and other art disciplines.
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Freed from the straitjackets of client briefs, 21 creatives from the golden age of advertising and design come together for the first time in a joyfully unrestrained group exhibition.
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Through the ceramic medium, this exhibition explores the concept of ‘Seasons’ in relation to individual life experiences and the shifts that seasonality and change presents.
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Microcosmographia brings together five artists working with themes of science and nature, the earth bound and geology, cosmology, mythology and universal/cosmos sciences.
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1.5 Degrees

A group exhibition responding to the challenge of the global community to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. It is about the science of climate change, communicated in diverse and intriguing ways.
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Complex Life

Two friends and artists use their artistic processes to explore their positions in the world, both in a physical, environmental and emotional manner.
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All We Can't See: Janet Laurence

All We Can’t See: Illustrating the Nauru Files

A hugely impressive roster of award-wining Australian artists, including Abdul Abdullah, Janet Laurence and Ben Quilty have joined forces once again for the Melbourne installment of All We Can’t See, depicting individual interpretations of the leaked Nauru files exposed by The Guardian in 2016.
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45at45 Design by Zac Fay

45 at 45

An exhibition of 45 artists at fortyfivedownstairs to celebrate our fifteenth birthday!
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Rodney Mallee, City Sunlight, 2016, linocut print on Fabriano paper, 250 x 355 mm

Between the Lines

Between the Lines features a selection of works from artists who have experienced issues associated with homelessness, a disability or other adversities.
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