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After the Fire

From the end of 2019 into the beginning of 2020, bushfires ravaged much of the country. The aftermath left a devastating impact on people and land. Thoughts of recovery seemed far from our control. To make sense of it all, the Gavin Brown created a body of work, and titled it After the Fire - an attempt to find beauty amidst the chaos of the bushfire crisis.
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Gavin Brown Featured on TWENTY6 Magazine

View the article in its original context here. Gavin Brown featured on London-based TWENTY6  online Magazine. GAVIN BROWN Gavin Brown is an acclaimed artist who paints with a desire for colour and collage. His work connects the sense of period…

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Gavin Brown & William Eicholtz

Gavin Brown and William Eicholtz are both unique artists who have resolutely followed their own aesthetics, quite outside the tides of fashionable movements. Their long careers have consistently defied categorisation, challenged accepted tastes and standards, and delighted dedicated collectors. Firm friends…

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