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A Pilgrim’s Progress

A series of paintings and digital collage works exploring the discarded and lost clothes that crossed the artist's path on the pilgrimage trails she has covered throughout Europe, especially Spain.
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A photographic manipulation experiment representing the culmination of countless hours of exploration, both literal and artistic.
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The Last Days of Summer

Peter Hyatt combines sublime photographic imagery and digital art to create a richly invented tableaux. Familiar yet dreamlike, his work captures the collision of people, places and nature, frequently as disparate forces.
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The Art of Conversation, Image and Text on paper & Interactive Digital work 100cm x 100cm

The Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation presents a colloquial and visual dialogue around the arts, community, collectivity and what it’s like to be young.
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She animates the Monument – St Elizabeth of Hungary, Widow

But She is the Monument

An exhibition exploring the notion of the monument, or monstrance, in relation to images of twelve saints from Alban Butler's Lives of Fathers, Martyrs and other Saints.
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