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CUOROSENSA: A Reverse Archaeology

In Cuorosensa, the artist’s bold, energetic and confident mark-making coheres into recognisable Luccio-esque themes — we see his Eiffel Tower, his Trojan Horse, his meditations on the myths and figures of classical antiquity — but closer inspection reveals a canvas of interlocking postcards with tantalising glimpses of the messages they once conveyed.
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This mixed media series looks at the way in which society lives under the power and influence of the various media outlets, whose published material has decidedly far-reaching effects on how we think, look and feel.
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“Drift” explores the state of mind where our consciousness drifted away to a difference place, wondering, imaging, and perhaps just thinking of nothing.  Mind drifting breaks you away from the present moment and free your mind to a different world.
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Crawling Through the Dust of Life

With densely textured surfaces creating movement and space, the work is suspended somewhere between the metaphysical and material. While referring to the natural world the images ultimately evoke otherworldliness and suggest an internal process of revelation.
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Venus Virgin Tomarz

The audacious and electrifying conceptual photography of Robert Earp focuses on the ‘surreal realness’ of transgendering with Venus Virgin Tomarz – Named after Earp’s ‘divalicious’ collaborator and muse.
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