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A woman's, face looking down, a computer's motherboard superimposed on her face and in the background.


Sacellum by Chris Orr is an infected confection of the sacred and technology. A melancholic wink at consumerism and spirituality. A dialogue between a certain past and an uncertain future.
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After the Fire

From the end of 2019 into the beginning of 2020, bushfires ravaged much of the country. The aftermath left a devastating impact on people and land. Thoughts of recovery seemed far from our control. To make sense of it all, the Gavin Brown created a body of work, and titled it After the Fire - an attempt to find beauty amidst the chaos of the bushfire crisis.
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Everything Else

David Maxwell’s forthcoming exhibition Everything Else reflects on the visual cycle of life through graphic links in time, pushing together the connections between feelings and happenings in an evolving world.
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On the Couch with James Yuncken

Who is James Yuncken? I’m a painter, exhibiting for over 30 years now. Always wanted to work in a creative field, but took a while to find my niche. Largely self-taught, but had help early on from friend and then…

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