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'Cadence' is a series of abstract artworks which began by delving into the allure and mysticism of indigo then moved into a brighter palette, evolving into a celebration of colour and rhythm.
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Darker Places

Darker Places, a new series of paintings and drawings by Caroline Walls, is an extension of her art practice where the female is the central focus of consideration.
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David Hirst, Blue Faces I, 2017, oil on canvas, 610 x 610mm

Wet Feet

Wet Feet expresses the artist's dismay at the way in which we are ignoring the effects of climate change on others.
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David Hirst, Orange Tally, 2015, oil on canvas


This exhibition emerges from time spent observing the ever-changing, dramatic landscapes of the Mutawintji National Park.
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Paper, Scissors, Paint by Mary Edquist

We had a lovely exhibition opening for Mary Edquist's solo exhibition Paper, Scissors, Paint last night. Melbourne based artist Mary Edquist resumed her painting career in 2004 after a long delay. She has worked consistently since that time to establish…

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