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Theatre Alive: Dreamers

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fortyfivedownstairs are thrilled to bring together the extraordinary creative team of Ariette Taylor and Daniel Keene for the first time in over a decade. Previously collaborating in the highly successful and ground breaking Keene Taylor Theatre Project, which ran from 1997 until 2002, together they have presented seventeen seasons of works; a total of 47 productions, including full length and short plays.

Their latest work explores a young man’s experience trying to establish himself in a new country, amid growing fear and animosity as he begins a relationship with an older woman.

deals with questions at the heart of contemporary life – the struggle against intolerance, the fear of difference and a love that is perceived as inappropriate.

We chatted with Ariette Taylor in the lead-up to the season…

This reunion with Daniel has been a long time coming. How does a 10 year break impact on the creative partnership and process?

After a very exciting six years of working together, it seemed right to give it a break. Daniel went to work in France and is enjoying a successful career, and me coming home to grandchildren, travel and various art projects.

It’s wonderful to be working with his words again. His work has grown deeper, funnier and become more complex. A great challenge for all of us!

Do you think theatre can help to break down intolerance?

Theatre can do all kinds of things; most of all communicate love, humanity, mystery and delight, but it needs people to come to share it.

This play addresses the problem of isolation – particularly the lives of older people. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

The main character in the play is Anne, an older woman living alone.

She’s had a hard life and she is still working hard, but she is feisty and determined. She’s intrigued by life and wondering about her thoughts and dreams, that always lay just below the surface.

How would you describe this theatrical experience for your audience?

We are in the process to building a play that I would love to come and see!

Great highs, tenderness that breaks your heart, hot and fast, and disgusting moments that make you gasp and walking out with a song on your lips.

But will we do it? Come and see!

Starring Helen MorsePaul EnglishMarco ChiappiNicholas Bell,Natasha HerbertBrigid GallacherJohnathan Taylor, and Yomal RajasingheDreamers plays from the 6th to the 30th of November atfortyfivedownstairs.


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