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Sydney Morning Herald – Miss Jugoslavia & The Barefoot Orchestra

See article in its original context here in the Sydney Morning Herald by John Bailey.

An intimate story

Miss Jugoslavia and The Barefoot Orchestra drew acclaim when it premiered at Tasmania’s MONA FOMA this year (curator Brian Ritchie said the show would ”kick you in your musical solar plexus”) and is now set for a Melbourne season at fortyfivedownstairs. The work is created by Tania Bosak, a Churchill Fellow, musician and comedian whose status as a Miss Yugoslavia runner-up was made more problematic when her parents’ homeland began to erupt with internal tensions. Probing into her family’s history unearthed secrets, and the show itself follows her father’s defection to Belgium in 1958 and subsequent experience of migration and dislocation. Billed as ”composed theatre”, it features unruly Balkan-jazz on a large scale to tell a most intimate story. From October 30.


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