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Standing (inn)Ovation review JIM MORRISON: KALEIDOSCOPE

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Rock music changed the day that Jim Morrison stepped out on stage as the front man for The Doors. Widely hailed as the prototypical rock star, his scandalous behaviour, drug-inspired creativity and leather pants would long influence the rock stereotype. And now Luigi Lucente is bringing him back to life in Jim Morrison: Kaleidoscope.

Luigi Lucente has to be Australia’s next great leading man of the theatre. He has appeared in Guys and DollsJersey BoysWickedThe Last Five YearsAssassins and Rocky Horror while receiving stellar acclaim for his leading roles in Parade and Pippin in Melbourne last year. And his performance inKaleidoscope only further proves his immense talent.

Showing off his impressive piano and singing skills, Luigi Lucente brings Jim Morrison’s music to life in a cabaret setting embodying this rock icon rather than providing narration through his life. This cabaret setting may be quite a departure from the original rock music produced by the legendary band however that does not stand in the way of the potency of the performance. In fact, it brings a whole new life to these songs which will appeal to audiences who were unfortunately not around during the psychedelic rock of the 60s and 70s.

Rather than taking audiences on a musical journey through Jim Morrison’s life with biographic narration, Luigi literally becomes Jim Morrison for the whole show. His mannerisms, crazy singing styles and slightly freaky personality are adopted with ease and not only manage to surprise a couple of audience members but are so eerily similar to Jim Morrison that fans of The Doors are transported back to the their own experiences with the rock star. But the most incredible part of the performance is Luigi’s voice. The power and control he displays are sure to make any seasoned performer jealous.

These reincarnation shows seem to be a strong trend at the moment. With a strong appreciation of great performers of the past, many shows are opening up that honour and pay tribute to these musical stars. Billie Holiday, Etta James, Marvin Gaye and now Jim Morrison. Each show approaches this nostalgia in a different way whether it is narration throughout their life interspersed with songs or a recreation of the actual performer, however it provides great appeal to audiences looking to relive their musical experiences of the past in a new and revived ‘live’ manner.

Written and performed by Luigi Lucente with direction by Nicholas Christo, this is a must-see show for any fan of The Doors and is playing at fortyfivedownstairs until Sunday as part of Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival. Get your tickets now to see this transcendent performance by Luigi Lucente, Australia’s next big musical star.

Jim Morrison: Kaleidoscope
21 Jan – 25 Jan | 8.30pm
Tickets: $35/$30 Concession


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