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Wayfinder by Naomi Bishop
Naomi Bishop

oil, wax and pigment on linen
82 x 96cm (image credit: Andrew Curtis)

The Unexplained and Unexplored are recurring themes in the work of Naomi Bishop. In her paintings and works on paper she explores darkness, silence, mysterious events and peripheral, other worldly places. Naomi Bishop is interested the way the natural environment shapes people, and the ways in which natural and celestial phenomena are interpreted and developed into belief systems. She is interested in the effects of both connection to, and disconnection from nature. A shared interest in both science and metaphysics, reveals a point at which they might converge and reveal secret knowledge from unseen worlds. Wayfinder is part of a series of work exploring neolithic burial sites and stone circles and in Ireland, Scotland and France. Naomi Bishop gratefully acknowledges the support of Creative Victoria and is a recipient of the Creative Victoria Supporting Creative Workers Grant.

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