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Static King Chaos
Braden Howard

acrylic paint, pen, metal leaf and collage on paper, polymer clay, frame
49 x 37 cm

The Static King is a character I have created within my mythology that rules over the static lands in the Third Reality. He consumes anything that he touches, shrouding the victim with static nullifying it and rendering it useless. This character’s powers represent my personal experience through constant lockdowns, being restricted from leaving the house and consuming countless forms of ‘entertainment’. The static is a numb and thoughtless state of mind, where anything viewed while in this state fails to adhere to memory, making it difficult to remember shows and movies adding more static to the pile.

The chaos and lack of structures are also a way of representing the wild thought processes one might go through during a pandemic. Crowds of tightly packed people, pills, alien bacteriophages and an infinity loop brain show a struggle of mental health during this time and are constant symbols and imagery of the world’s current situation.

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