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Fear and Loathing in L’Australie - Lungs
Georgia MacGuire

possum skin and ink
20 x 25cm

Based on the notions of intersectionality, Georgia MacGuire explores the multi-layered levels of prejudice experienced by Indigenous women in Australia and the human impact of these experiences. Fear and Loathing in L’Australie is the material expression of the internalised traumas that stem from this context. “The work was made in a time when as an Aboriginal woman I was feeling challenged and vulnerable by heated political tensions relating to the wellbeing of First Nations people in this country. It was about creating physical and visceral objects that encompass the trauma experienced when dealing with racism. This work is especially relevant to me at the moment. The emotions and challenges of working through Black Lives Matter and issues as triggering as the Coon Cheese name change in the context of COVID19 are those that I felt when I made this work. These soft furry critters represent my vulnerability and they ask the viewer for their empathy and compassion.”

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