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Visions of Love 

Marisa Mu

7-25 December 2020

There’s no sugar coating that 2020 has been a tough year – uncertainty, angst, and sickness in excess, the turbulent unravelling of plans falling through and the growing disconnect between mind-made narratives, ultimate realities and navigating new virtual realms. 

Visions of Love was born from this period as an act of defiance against the darkness enveloping us during Melbourne’s second lockdown. As a resilient and self-appointed optimist in a full-blown love affair with nakedness and womxnhood, I wanted to harness and channel my learnings, personal reminders and self-love notes taken from this time.  

Art has become a form of therapy for me over the years and it continues to encourage, surprise and empower me through whatever life throws. 

Visions of Love is a highlight reel of my takings from this year – not to dismiss the hardship but to bring forward the slowing down of living and the innate desire we have as humans to make genuine connections with the world and also with our own mind and bodies. 

Since moving from Sydney to Melbourne earlier this year and watching the year unfold, the main lesson for me has been about expressing gratitude and living with good intentions. As a result, all that I see now are Visions of Love

Marisa Mu x

View the Visions of Love Catalogue Here

This exhibition is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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Marisa Mu, Love Is The Reason I Get Up Every Morning, 2020
Love is the Reason I Get Up Every Morning
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, When It's A Groovy Kind of Love, 2020
When It’s A Groovy Kind of Love
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, To Touch and to Hold, 2020
To Touch and To Hold
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, Just Follow the Flow, 2020
Just Follow the Flow
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, Black Lives Matter, 2020
Black Lives Matter
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, When Can We Be Together Again, 2020
When Can We Be Together Again?
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, How Good Is Self Love, 2020
How Good is Self-Pleasure
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, Down With the Patriarchy!, 2020
Down with the Patriarchy!
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, Love is a Verb, 2020
Love Is A Verb
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, Edi Gardens Dog Park Is Where It's At, 2020
Edi Gardens Dog Park is Where It’s At
Marisa Mu
Marisa Mu, Family Comes First, 2020
Family Comes First 
Marisa Mu
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