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Happy Birthday fortyfivedownstairs, by Benn Bennett

The following song was written for, and performed at, fortyfivedownstairs’ 10th Anniversary Party on 23 February 2012 by the wonderful and super talented Benn Bennett.

Benn performed this brilliantly at our party, he is a very funny man (intentionally that is.)

Thank you Benn Bennett.

Happy Birthday fortyfivedownstairs
I first came here in 2008
A friend of a friend said I think you’ll think that venue’s great
And yes I’ll admit that his vision became true
But the real reason why I performed here was so that I could make friends with Mary Lou
The following year swung by, 2009
I became a volunteer here, began to pour the wine
Mingled with the artists, wore my favourite vest
And pranced around the paintings, whilst avoiding the gallery pest
2010  – probably one of the best!
Melbourne came to party for an hour of burlesque
Moira, Maude and gang here to brighten winter’s grey
With special guest with legs and balloons and tits and ass and Yumi Umiumare.
2011 saw the venue spread her wings
Extensions in the office
Adjustment to its springs
Preparing for the future, now that the first 10 years have past
And we’re pretty sure this venue fortyfivedownstairs
Is here to last!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday

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