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Review: Drawn to drawing in Open Water

Review of Open Water by Rebecca Jones, written by Bernadette Alibrando and published on the Walk to Art blog:

I’ve decided that I am drawn to drawing and, of late, have been viewing drawing exhibitions and hanging out in drawing studios:

Exhibition confirms a rebirth in drawing and works on paper
In love with drawing and works on paper

Maybe it’s the spontaneous mark making or the fact that it hasn’t been re-painted or re-worked over and over again.

“Open Water”, an exhibition by Rebecca Jones currently on at fortyfive downstairs, in Melbourne, is a beautifully example of a well put together and thought out show. Rebecca is a swimmer and it is clear that her knowledge and emotion are transported into the work.

Rebecca has captured the movement of an open water swimmer and the choice to use tracing paper mounted on acrylic and installed on an acrylic bracket creates a seamless wave of people. The brilliant presentation allows the work to breath and yet is joined, as the works wrap around a corner of the room, the viewer is lead to three larger works on the opposite wall.

Next Set, by Rebecca Jones
Next Set, by Rebecca Jones

It is a very white room with minimal work… the use of the room has been executed brilliantly.

I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca in the lead up to this show and it is so exciting to see her ideas and techniques develop.

Don’t miss this show… it is fresh, light and very fulfilling.

When: Until 5 June 2010 (Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 5pm; Saturday, 12pm to 4pm)
Where: fortyfivedownstairs – 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC (view location on Google Maps)

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