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Photographer captures real mums in all their glory

Herald Sun article by Sally Bennett
Sunday February 03, 2012

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Photograph by Morganna MageeWHEN friends of Melbourne photographer Morganna Magee started having babies, it opened her eyes to parts of life she had previously not seen.

Not the anticipated world of feeding, nappies and sleep deprivation – the unexpected ways in which motherhood has become a “commercial entity”.

“Advertising really plays on being a mother now,” she said. “My friends were feeling a lot of pressure and guilt about whether they were doing the right things.”

So Magee decided to do something about it, picked up her camera and created an exhibition celebrating everyday mums doing a “pretty amazing job”.


Her third solo exhibition, Motherhood, opening at fortyfivedownstairs on Tuesday, aims to give mums back a little of their power.

Magee has beautifully captured women from a range of cultural and social backgrounds in different stages of motherhood.

Among them is a woman pregnant with her first child, a single mother of four girls, and an older woman with an adult son who has Down syndrome.

“Once you look at them and read about them, any pre-conceived notions and judgments fade away,” Magee said.
MOTHERHOOD, fortyfivedownstairs, Flinders Lane, city, February 7-18.

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