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Vieux Carré by Tennessee Williams

Sex, art and the search for connection.

A young man leaves his family and hometown to broaden his horizons. Nothing unusual in that. But, when the young man is Tennessee Williams and the horizon is the French Quarter of New Orleans, the result is a visceral and enthralling portrait of the formative years of one of the world’s greatest artists.

Taking lodging in a boarding house at 722 Toulouse, run by the domineering Mrs. Wire, our innocent writer discovers a world the tourists never see. Behind the iron lacework and grand facades of the Vieux Carré, he witnesses the lives of the other tenants and their longings, depravities and hunger for human connection. But he learns that being a voyeur does not exempt him from the pain of desire, as he falls for the beautiful young drifter who tempts him to journey west…

Featuring an outstanding cast and some of Melbourne’s most talented blues musicians, this production draws on the rich musical traditions of New Orleans jazz and blues to evoke the rich and sultry landscape of the French Quarter.

ITCH Productions presents the Australian premiere of Vieux Carré by Tennessee Williams as a Midsumma 2013 premier event.

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