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Urban Display Suite

Urban Display Suite is a deliciously malicious musical satire on our national obsession with the property market. With Melbourne houses the most overvalued in the world, our city is awash with tandoori tanned real estate agents, tasteless architecture and boring auction anecdotes. As you step into this display suite, the grotesque greed and narcissism of Australian life is on display for public viewing.

Armed with an acerbic wit and an ability to turn out a mean tune, Michael Dalley has delighted Melbourne audiences with hit shows such as Vaudeville X, Intimate Apparel and Death in White Linen. Now he and his cast invite you to this open house of merciless musical numbers.
It’s off the plan…..and off the wall!

Written by Michael Dalley with Musical Direction by John Thorn

Starring Gabrielle Quin, Lyall Brooks, Sharon Davis, Michael Dalley

Presented by High Performance Company

Extra show just announced, Sat 14 May at 9:15! Don’t miss out!

“Michael Dalley is extraordinarily talented and mildly smutty”

The Age

“He mixes the cool wit of Tom Lehrer with the cruel wit of Noel Coward.”

The Herald Sun

Promotional Image byPonch Hawkes.

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