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Two By Two

Not everyone got on to Noah’s Ark – plenty got left behind.

Set in a Melbourne of the near future, and in the wake of mass flooding, TWO BY TWO follows a couple and a sick woman who have been denied passage on the Ark. The play charts their final hours, as the trio fights over the one thing that could get them a ticket – a baby, found floating in the water.

Inspired by the Noah’s Ark story, TWO BY TWO deftly weaves the political and the personal, the domestic and the apocalyptic. With a bold design evoking a slowly flooding room, the play explores what it would be like to be left behind, and how it feels to be pushed to the margins of society.

TWO BY TWO is for anyone with a brain, a heart, and an umbrella.

Developed with support from the Malcolm Robertson Foundation.


Written by Dan Giovannoni, Directed by Stephen Nicolazzo, Designed by Emma Kingsbury, Lighting by Katie Sfetkidis, Dramaturgy by Amelia Evans, Artwork by Jake Preval.

Performed by Gary Abrahams, Paul Blenheim, Zahra Newman.

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