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The Housing Project

The Housing Project is a playful and engaging interactive installation about about the challenges, experiences, problems, and delights of urban life.

In this work, people can build cities using miniature ceramic trees, houses, factories and high rise buildings. As these objects are placed on, off or moved around a custom interactive platform, they trigger stored sounds and voices to create an evolving audio story.

Heard in this changing cityscape is a mix of over one hundred voices from all walks of life. Children, architects, university students, urban planners, design professionals, young homeless people, refugees and elderly citizens offer points of view, memories and stories about urban life that are both personal and professional.

The Housing Project is a contemporary sound composition of unusual power and impact.

Artists: Sue McCauley, Keith Deverell, Chris Knowles, Ann Ferguson
Table design and construction: Angus Durkin and Gordon Tait
Additional sound recordings: Dave Lane

Image: City Construction photo by Tobiaz Titz

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