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Talgium 'choco' Edwards

Talgium has a thirst for his water and land.
The great land and waters of the Djadjawarrung is from where he has come.
He holds the name Talgium. The name of his longtime grandfather of Djadjawarrung.
While he walks and drinks the water of his mother’s land and longs to hold her hand.
This is a story to be told and made into art and to be sold.
Unlike his land and water that has no price in his eyes.
For you can not sell your mother, he has cried.
Who has made your world.
Unlike the men who have come to take what they can.
This is his way of telling a story of place.
A place of water and land.
A place he calls home.
Djadjawarrung country a part of the Kulin Nation…

– Mentor and curator, Clinton Nain 2013

Image: Choco Stuff and detail of Nain’s “Arti”, 2013, mix medium. Image credit, Virginia Fraser.



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