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Stephen Williams

9000 vinyl records displays artist Stephen Williams’ personal collection of original first pressing soul records and record sleeves, combining them with a complete indexed catalogue, text, video and recorded music which relate directly to the records themselves.

The exhibition explores the aesthetics of the archive including collecting, cataloguing and display of archival objects. It examines how personal choices have informed the development of the archive, how collecting might relate to obsessive compulsive behaviour and how taste, aesthetic judgement and fetishism shape the development of an archive.

9000 vinyl records challenges the viewer to think about their relationship to objects and to reflect on their own impulses to collect.

ARTIST TALK – Saturdays at 1:30pm:

Stephen Williams will be in the gallery every Saturday during the exhibition talking about the development of the record archive, theoretical and conceptual ideas around the exhibition, and collecting. He will also be playing selections from the record collection.


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