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Samuel Condon

Dream city is about memory, dreams, and imagination. It is a world of shifting buildings, places and people. Structures have taken on impossible forms, stretching and molding to the imagination.The characters that inhabit dream city are all very poetic in their own purpose. Always undertaking their existence with meaning and poise. The dream city runs like a warm winter, always raining yet balmy. A world away from here, a place to remember and hope.
This is, Dream City.

Samuel Condon is a graduate of The Victorian College of the Arts (Drawing), and RMIT (Master of Fine Art).

Images L-R (top): Castle House, watercolour on paper; Coffin House, acrylic on paper; (lower): Crystal House, acrylic on paper; Mountain House, 2011, watercolour on paper; each 28 x 38cm.

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