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Paul Blackman

An exhibition of recent works by artist Paul Blackman. Consisting of works on paper, Non/sense (or ‘when words fail.’), presents an exploration into notions of the absurd that lurk in the subconscious mind.

Drawing, like the playing of a musical instrument, is an activity where mind and hand work as one.  A union such as this initiates a type of deep thought where a free form floating internalised dialogue occurs. Notions of the why or what (or in other words meaning, purpose and reason) become redundant, irrelevant to the production and appreciation of the drawing.  In one sense the artwork can be understood as an exercise in the how.Paul Blackman, 2014

Artworks include digitally generated drawings and combined pencil / gouache drawings.

Image: Untitled, 2013, digitally generated prints, 210 x 297mm (part of larger installation work to be created for exhibition).

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