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Young & Jackson- Sat 8pm now SOLD OUT!

It’s July 1945, the last weeks of the war, but they don’t know it. They just hope it will be all over soon, the Yanks will go home and all their probable futures will be made possible. They’re three young Navy boys on leave and the woman who will change all their lives.

But right now there’s the high life to live before they call time in the main bar of Young and Jackson’s, that iconic Melbourne pub, where they will climb the stairs to Room 24, sip a black market sherry and begin a story that will take half a century to complete…

Wayne Harrison directs the world premiere of this tender, mischievous prequel to Don Reid’s award-winning comedy Codgers.

Charlie Cousins, Sam Duncan, Jacob Machin, Gabrielle Scawthorn

Dann Barber
& Michael Hili

lighting designer
Martin Kinnane

Presented as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program’s Project Series 2015

Read The Age article HERE

Image: Chloe’s costume by Michael Hili, design & artwork by Miranda Costa.


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