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Winter. Vienna 19 ~ (Frau) Death stalks the streets. A young Hitler arrives from Braunau seeking fame and fortune as an artist. Meanwhile, in a flophouse on Blood Street, Shlomo Herzl, a Jew, struggles with his magnum opus, Mein Kampf. Chaos ensues.

La Mama and fortyfivedownstairs proudly present a return season of George Tabori’s acclaimed farce, a dizzying and demented play that blends multiple comic genres and humour both high and low.

An ENCORE COMBO ticket gains you entry to a performance in both seasons- MEIN KAMPF and MY LIFE IN THE NUDE (excludes preview performances).

Written by George Tabori. Directed by Beng Oh. Performed by Sarah Bollenberg, David Kambouris, Steve Gome, Glenn van Oosterom, Stephania Pountney and Troy Larkin. Designed by Peter Mumford. Lighting design by Stelios Karagiannis. Costume design by Amaya Vecellio. Sound design by Natasha Moszenin. Produced by 15 Minutes from Anywhere.

Image: MEIN KAMPF, Tom Miatke

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