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CATHEXIS is a new project initiated by four of Melbourne’s most innovative performers. They come together to explore new possibilities in collaboration and interpretation of the music of our time. All core members of CATHEXIS are widely respected in the field of classical music and improvisation, each having gained a profile nationally and internationally as well as being renowned for risk-taking in their art form. Come experience and be immersed in the world that CATHEXIS will create- with special guest artist Renae Shadler.

Australian compositions: Liza Lim’s Ehwaz, James Rushford’s Glorious Union
Australian premieres: Cecilia Arditto’s Musica Invisible, Improvisations, Stephen Feigenbaum’s Angel

Artists: Lina Andonovska (flute), Callum G’Froerer (trumpet), Matthias Schack-Arnott (percussion), Peter De Jager (keyboard), Renae Shadler (movement)

Image credit,  Asher Floyd.


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