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A Short History of Western Music

ABC Symphony Australia Young Performer of the year, Hoang Pham will perform twelve eternal masterpieces from J.S. Bach (1685-1750) to Thomas Adès (1971- present) in chronological order. Each work will be discussed by pianist Sean Hennessy-Brose, who will focus on how to listen, what to listen for and how the Art of music evolved over the centuries.

This unique experience will help to equip listeners with some of the basic skills needed to appreciate classical music on a deeper level, and will be an excellent refresher course for connoisseurs. Whilst many people will have heard some of the works on the program as they are already intimately entwined in the cultural fabric of our lives, this captivating performance will help illuminate the essence of the music, and reveal its place in eternity.

Image: Hoang Pham &  Sean Hennessy-Brose. Photography: Candela Photography.


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