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Julia Boros

Through the integration and collaboration of different artistic approaches The Fifth Wall derives its name from the projection screen used in a theatre or performance space. A suspended textile installation provides the backdrop to works on paper, collage and sculpture. Red hued dyed and printed curtains span the entire length, width and height of the small gallery. The curtains serve to expose the multifarious forms and functions that can both reveal and conceal personalities.

The Fifth Wall poses questions about interior and exterior, private and public. The Fifth Wall investigates the medium and materiality of silk fabric and thread in the form of a performance. The work simultaneously addresses the physicality of the participant while illumination, reflection and magnification play with the ephemerality of the material. Julia Boros creates works that explore the corporeality of art and its viewers. She asks the viewers to consider, reflect and observe their own perception of self.

Image: Julia Boros Curtain Collage (2014) 550 x 530mm

Image: Curtain Collage, 2014, 550 x 530mm.

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