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As happens in life, we get thrown the unexpected. Look up has ballooned and taken on its own uncharted journey, exploding into a defiant shout for life. It continues to be a body of work about humanity and reconnecting with nature, but now extends to explore Janno’s own fragility as she defies the possibility of her own extinction.

Messages of loyalty and love from friends and family around the world line the nest, blanketing her three boys and keeping them safe, secure and protected. Look up has undergone a metamorphosis into Brave up.

Look up – Brave up is an exhibition by Australian artist Janno. Exploring the fragility of humanity, the exhibition is a collection of large, abstract, colour-fuelled paintings, oversized scupltures, and smaller, intimate, sewn paper works.

Image: Janno, I can do this, bring it on, 2015, acrylic on linen, 183 x 183cm

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