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Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. iPhones. Skype. It’s never been easier to keep in touch; to stay in the loop; to have your finger on the pulse of the world. But in this tangle of technology, it’s easier than ever to turn a blind eye to the fleeting connections that we make in our everyday lives.

But what would happen if we let those moments blossom and bloom? If a casual glance became a heart-felt conversation, if a chance meeting grew into a life-long relationship? What if we finally caught a glimpse of the world around us? What would we see? And how hard would we fight to keep it?

Glimpse tells the story of eight strangers, whose worlds are not as far apart as they might expect.

Devised and performed by The Kin Collective.
Directed by Laura Maitland; Consulting Director Noni Hazlehurst. With a cast featuring Michala Banas (Neighbours, Winners and Losers, McLeod’s Daughters), Marg Downey (Fast Forward, Kath and Kim) and Keith Brockett (MTC Happy Ending, The Librarians).

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