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Dayne Trower

Despite their consideration, precision and intricacy, there’s an elusiveness to the works of Dayne Trower. Meticulously crafted from slender layers of plywood, they drift between disciplines, formal and conceptual directives; they occupy and eschew the tropes of the architectural floor plan and model, the sculpture and installation. Indeed, Trower modelled these diagrammatical sculptures on suburban Melbourne intersections and their surrounding structures. But where the traditional architectural floor plan cuts a horizontal stratum approximately one metre above floor-level – so as to articulate architectural details and facilities – Trower’s models are cut at a foundational level, effectively exploring how the building interfaces with and mediates the environment in which it’s set.

Image: Dayne Trower, Slow Decline 1, 2011, Birch, 20 x 20 x 4cm
Text: Dan Rule 2011.

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