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Bottomless (reading)

Dan Lee is a 2014 R E Ross Trust Playwrights’ Script Development Award recipient. Join us for a rehearsed reading of winning play, Bottomless.

Bottomless is set in the Broome sober up center. It’s been an unusually long build up to the wet season and the frogs are singing out for rain and the prison sits there, across the road; just another resort in a tropical tourist town.

The play moves between one chaotic night in the sober up center and a long past tragic incident at the prison wall. As the usual suspects stagger into the stifling heat of the center, what follows is the gradual revealing of Will’s unorthodox method and the discovery that his relationship with the town goes deeper than anyone could have imagined including himself.

Cast includes:
Jack Charles, Julie Forsythe, Tom Budge, Margaret Harvey and Mark Coles Smith

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