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It’s Robert’s birthday – he’s turning 35 and his closest friends are throwing him a surprise party. Witty and well-liked, living in the heart of New York and dating three gorgeous women, Robert has it all … so why can’t he blow out the candles on his birthday cake and make a wish? Each attempt triggers the next turn in Sondheim’s beloved ‘concept musical’. Company examines the affairs of the heart: can a sophisticated person in the anxious atmosphere of a major metropolis function happily in a marriage, sustain an emotional connection or even recognise love? Via the uncertain romantic Robert, Sondheim windows into the lives of five married couples and three women to explore these ideas in all their hilarity and complexity.

Director, Kat Henry; Starring Johanna Allen, Bianca Baykara, Sally Bourne, Gillian Cosgriff, Nathan Carter, Mark Dickinson, Nelson Gardner, Madeleine Mackenzie, Nicole Melloy, John O’Hara, Tim Paige, Sonya Suares, Carina Waye and Nick Simpson-Deeks as Robert; Music Director, Lucy O’Brien; Choreographer, Michael Ralph; Set Design, Eugyeene Teh; Costume Design, Zoë Rouse; Lighting Design, Rob Sowinski.

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