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Antonietta Covino-Beehre, Deanna Hitti, and Carolyn Lewens

Recent contemporary printmaking.

Age-long practices, established methods and conventional techniques are overturned and re-interpreted with a fresh approach that brings new vigour to the medium. Printing techniques such as woodcuts, intaglio, collagraphs and cyanotypes are brought into a new light. The old is remade; ideas are re-contextualised. The exhibition does not aim to re-define printmaking – the works question established methods and means of what a print can be, while simultaneously allowing new possibilities in the articulation of this medium.

The exhibition runs concurrently with IMPACT 7 printmaking conference hosted by Monash University.

Images:  Antonietta Covino-Beehre, Artists are very dangerous people, 2011, relief on canvas & wood with arrows, 100x100cm; Deanna Hitti,  Money, Money, Money, 2011, detail, photopolymer intaglio, artists book, 80 x 160cm(approx.); Carolyn Lewens, In The Photic Zone 1 2009-2011, detail, unique-state cyanotype photogram (2008) digitally remastered (2011) archival pigment on cotton rag, ed.15, 111 x 147cm.
Tales of Romance, Exploitation and Longing is supported by MONASH UNIVERSITY. Carolyn Lewens would like to thank CPL, Michaels Digital & Canson Infinity.

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