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Angus McDonald

India’s Disappearing Railways: A Photographic Journey is an intimate and humorous portrait of life on the sub-continent’s narrow-gauge railways, evoking the very soul of India.

Australian photojournalist and travel writer Angus McDonald spent several years documenting the railways with pen and lens, and saw their survival as a symbol of the vast country’s adaptability as well as its ability to absorb outside influences and incorporate them into its own being.

In the only existing contemporary photographic archive of these remote and increasingly endangered lines, McDonald has captured the fine detail of those who live, work and travel on the world’s largest rail network.

Angus McDonald died in 2013 in Myanmar, following a diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer. His work was posthumously edited and curated for publication by his widow Catherine Anderson, who established The Angus McDonald Trust in his memory. All author proceeds from the sale of the book and exhibition go to the Trust, which donates to healthcare projects in Myanmar. For more information visit


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