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fortyfivedownstairs and Future Leaders have presented an annual Emerging Artist Award since 2015. The award brings together the best emerging artists from across Australia for a two-week exhibition in the iconic fortyfivedownstairs gallery.

Emerging Artist Award 2019, photo by Karri McPherson

2019 WINNER Marisa Mu, Something Special, watercolour painting on cold press paper, 87 x 125 cm (Photo: Karri McPherson)

2019 WINNER Logan Mucha, We’re All in this Together, single-channel HD video with sound, dimensions variable (Photo: Karri McPherson)

Emerging Artist Award 2018

2018 FIRST PRIZE Ayman Kaake, Exulansis, view master, 200 x 120 x 120mm

2018 SECOND PRIZE Katie Eraser, Simple upside down spectator, acrylic, oil stick and pencil on canvas, 1020 x 1020mm

Emerging Artist Award 2017

2017 WINNER Anatol Pitt, TanDEM-X, photographic print, 550 x 780mm

2017 WINNER Jessica Kease, Street Art Flavour, acrylic and stencil on MDF board, 900 x 1200mm

Emerging Artist Award 2016

2016 FIRST PRIZE Annabelle Aronica, Rip in the Skin, enamel and acrylic on panel, 1200 x 900mm

2016 SECOND PRIZE Ebony Finck, Untitled #1, photography, 617 x 420mm

Emerging Artist Award 2015

2015 FIRST PRIZE Prue Stevenson, Without Words 1, oil on board, 900 x 600mm

2015 SECOND PRIZE Glen Clancey, The Tube, acrylic on board, 115 x 800mm

2015 PEOPLE'S CHOICE WINNER Imogen Kotsoglo, Raze 2, charcoal, fineliner and ink on watercolour paper, 950 x 970mm

fortyfivedownstairs presented the fifth annual Emerging Artist Award in June 2019.

Twenty-nine emerging Australian artists were been selected for a two-week exhibition from 18 – 29 June 2019.  A $3000 pool of prize money was awarded by special guest judge Annika Kristensen, Senior Curator at ACCA, to the two submissions that best aligned with the award criteria – Something Special by Marisa Mu and We’re All in this Together by Logan Mucha.

The Award is a proven catalyst for ongoing recognition and professional development and allows audiences the privilege of accessing early-career works by exciting emerging artists.

At fortyfivedownstairs we showcase independent, experimental and thought-provoking visual art. The Emerging Artist Award 2019 was an opportunity to examine developing trends in the contemporary art scene while allowing emerging artists to gain exposure in a professional setting and kick-start their careers.

The Emerging Artist Award 2019 was supported by the Terry Swann Peter Griffin Foundation, Future Leaders and the Hart Line Fund.


Exhibition dates: 19-30 June 2018
Judge: Julie McLaren (Curator, Art Gallery of Ballarat)
Ayman Kaake & Katie Eraser

Award Finalists: Adam Stone, Alan Jones, Alisha Abate, Anna McDermott, Ayman Kaake, Clara Murphy, Darren O’Hehir, Em Jensen, Evelyn Beissel, Garth Howells, Harry Taylor, Kate de la Motte, Katie Eraser, Leo Bagus, Leo Flander, Madeline Bishop, Naomi Nicholls, Paul Eggins, Philadelphia Hansen-Viney, Ren Gregorcic, Sai-Wai Foo, Simon Beuve, SoHee Yoon, Stephanie Nagy, Stephanie Kam, Zarnie Morcombe

The Emerging Artist Award 2018 was presented by fortyfivedownstairs and Future Leaders, and supported by Terry Swann & Peter Griffin A.M. and the Hart Line Fund.


Emerging Artist Award 2017

Exhibition dates: 13-24 June 2017
Judge: Sandra Bruce (La Trobe Art Institute)
Winners: Jessica Kease & Anatol Pitt

Award Finalists:
Anatol Pitt, Celeste Magee, Claire Raimondo, Ella Rose Dunn, Fraser Pollock, Georgia Banks, Henry Curchod, Jess Gannaway, Jessica Kease, Joshua Hattam, Kasper Raglus, Kate McColl, Katherine Gailer, Katie Ryan, Lia Vassiliadis, Lily O’Connell, Liz Gridley, Lucy Le Masurier, Matthew Clarke, Myles Young, Natalia Berlizova, Philadelphia Hanson-Viney, Rolando Garay-Matziaris, Timothy Greaves

The Emerging Artist Award 2017 was presented by fortyfivedownstairs and Future Leaders, and supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1 and the Hart Line Fund.


Emerging Artist Award 2016 logo, design by Zac Fay Design

Exhibition dates: 21 June to 2 July 2016
Judge: Associate Professor Alison Inglis (University of Melbourne)
First Prize: Annabelle Aronica
Second Prize: Ebony Finck

Award Finalists:

Annabelle Aronica, Matthew Clarke, Sarah Coghlan, Daniel Emmerig, Ebony Finck, Camila Galaz, Liam Herne, Natalie Mather, Anna McDermott, Kari McInneny-McRae, Hayley Millar, Michael Simms, Merryn Sommerville, Louise Tate, Shaun Thatcher, Elena Valimberti and Jason Willers.

The Emerging Artist Award 2016 was presented by fortyfivedownstairs and Future Leaders, and with support from the Hartline Foundation.


Exhibition dates: 23 June – 11 July 2015
Judge: Ron Ramsey
First Prize: Prue Stevenson
Second Prize: Glen Clancey
People’s Choice: Imogen Kotsoglo

Award Finalists:

Abigail Humphreys, Aimee Thannhauser, Andrew Duong, Anne Forwood, Ashlee Ko, Celeste Magee, Domenica Vavala, Ester Poyas, Glen Clancey, Imogen Kotsoglo, Isabelle de Kleine, Jason Willers, Kristy Nardella, Larissa MacFarlane, Louis Slamowicz, Lynne Makings, Magdalena Dmowska, Matto Lucas, Prue Stevenson, Rachel Tai, Shannon Hansen, Shelley Jardine, Stephen Christie

The Emerging Artist Award 2015 was presented by fortyfivedownstairs and Future Leaders, and with support from Emerging Art Australia.

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